We are family that creates together , Nela, Ariana and Inara.  Nela is proud grandmother and Inara is proud mother of Ariana.
Our story begins with a hats wearing.
It was always challenging to make Ariana wear a hat, no matter how hard we tried she would always find something she didn't like.
That is when Nela came up with the idea of crocheting, she crocheted  ONE hat. Once, the hat was created, for us it was the most exciting moment, WHAT WOULD ARIANA SAY?.  At first she looked at it, tried it and fell in love with it.  
Our material is chosen strictly by us, to make sure that our designs are comfortable, soft, warm and suitable for any season of the year.

Our exclusive creation is handmade approach makes NAI-KNITTING truly personalised. The vision behind is to go both ways, casual and fashionable designs.